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We are the part of RSC group. At valojobs.com we are sharing thousand of available job information daily. Basically we are trying to reduce unemployment problem in our country and that is why we are starting this online job searching marketplace. You will be happy to know that each and every job information you can get here for free of cost. On the other hand Agencies can share their recruitment information free also.
Note: We are taking minimum charges for some special cases. It depends on the circular types.

Part of RSC Group

Valojobs.com is a sister concern of RSC group. RSC group is creating this job searching platform to fill up a mission. The mission valojobs.com is to reduce unemployment problem in our country.

CV Search

Valojobs.com has CV submission facility where you can create virtual resume for job.Thousands of people are submitting their CV on this marketplace.

Recruiter profiles

Using recruitment a use some tool in searching for a job. Agencies often have in depth knowledge of their employer so can offer. Employment agencies are looking for the Recruiter profile which is also called staffing firms, recruiters, and employee hunters make that happen every day.

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Submit a job post to tell us about your vacancy. We’ll quickly match you with the right persons. You can browse millions of candidate’s profiles, reviews, and proposals from the largest online marketplace valojobs.com. Search here to find the best job proposal for yourself.

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Here you can found millions of available jobs under the appropriate category and get online apply facility. Each of the category has show you lots of jobs, just take a few minutes to chose the best one for you.

For Agencies

Agency can be submitting their job with particular quality, knowledge and experience. Agency can publish various types of offer for the people who can deserve that. Agencies do not find people jobs, they search for potentially suitable candidates to fulfill their client’s hiring expectations.