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  1. The Rankings Are Checked On Daily Basis.
  2. Yes, Each Keyword Position Can Be Checked Regularly.
  3. There Are Few Factors Considers To Choose The Position.
  4. You Can See Rises And Drops In Google Search.
  5. You Can See The Changes Because Of Testing New Algorithms.
  6. All Positioning Data Will Be Kept Indefinitely.
  1. We Uses Cookies To Monitor Browsing History.
  2. Feel For What It‘s Like On The Leaders.
  3. Your Resume For Job Pack Is The Most Useful.
  4. Potential And Trusted Company You Can Use Your Resume.
  5. Search Position Is very Important Part Of Your Job.
  6. A Resume Is The Document That Helps To Compare In The Markets.
  • ValoJobs.Com is the most popular andleading career management website in the country. It has started its venturesince January 2012 with the vision to facilitate the job seekers and managetheir career more efficiently. Valojobs.Com also helps employers to manage manyof their tasks associated with traditional recruiting process more efficientlyand allow them to save time and money.
  • The process of submitting CV is relatively very easy. Simply click the Create NewAccount/Register link after completing successful registration clickon Post Resume/CV option at home page. The site willguide you to submit your resume/CV through some consecutive steps.

  • Toedit your Resume/CV follow this 4 steps –

    Login to account using your User Name and Password.

    After successfullogin, click Edit Resume option.

    Now, choose anypart of your resume to edit.

    After modifyinginformation click on Submit button.

  • You don't have to pay any cost to submit your resume at It isabsolutely free!
  • User name and password is the secured key to login your registered account. Withthe User Name/Password, you can login to Valojobs account for managing yourresume as well as to apply any job circulation.

  • To retrieve your lost/forgotten UserName/Password follow the steps:

    Click on Forget Password linkavailable at home page.

    A new window will appear, type yourE-mail address which you have provided when registered.

    Click Submit button. Your logininformation (User Name/Password) will be sent to your Registered E-mailaddress.

  • To change your Password, go throughthe steps:

    • Login to your Valojobs.Com account.
    • Click on Edit Account Information option.
    • Click Change Password.
    • Type your old password.
    • Type your new password.
    • Retype your new password and click Submit button.
  • To view job circulation follow the steps:

    • Click on your preferred job category available at home page.
    • Offered job list will appear.
    • Click any job title to view its detail.
  • This is the special job searching process with specific word. Go to the Keywordsearch section and type the desired word in the box and click on the Searchbutton. You will be directed to a job list page with job ads carrying thatparticular word.

  • To apply a job you must have yourresume account in website. Follow the steps to apply any job:

    • Login Your Profile by using your username and password.
    • After successful login click on Apply Online button.
    • Now the system will ask you to put your Expected Salary, type the figure and click on Proceed to Apply button.
  • Yes, but you can only cancel ifapplication deadline isn't over for that particular position, and your resumeisn't viewed by the employer.

    • Login to your account.
    • Click View Stats.
    • Open Number of Jobs Applied.
    • Click on the cancel icon beside "Expected Salary" of your applied position.
  • Employers registered to can view your resume/CV.

  • Follow these 5 steps to blockany/specific employer to access your resume:

    • Login to your Valojobs.Com account.
    • Click block employer option.
    • Select the option block employer from the list.
    • Now, select employer's name from the list at left and click block button. Your selected employer's name will be shifted to the right blocked employer list.
    • Click on submit button. The selected employer will not be able to subscribe your resume/CV.
  • You should login to your account you will find an option totalnumber of companies viewed your resume/CV and a numeric figure next to it. Thenumeric figure represents the number of employers view your resume/CV. To findout the list of viewers list click on the displayed numbers.  

  • Login to your account and you will find an option number of jobsapplied in last six months and a numeric figure next to it. Click on thenumeric figure and you will have your last six months' applied job listing

  • After login to your account, go to the option number of jobsapplied in last six months. Click on the number next to it. Now, you will havethe job listing which you have applied so far. To change the figure of expectedsalary click on the previously given figure and you will get an option tochange your expected salary.

  • Yes you can e-mail your resume from your account. First of alllogin your registered account and click Email resume option. Nowyou will get options to type your Email, employer's Email and a short message.After you fill up all these option, click on send resume button. Your resumewill be sent automatically to the employer's email address.

  • After login to account click on the Delete Resume/CV option.You are then asking to type your User Name and Password. After typing thoseclick on the Delete button. Your resume will be deleted from Valojobs.comdatabase.

  • E-mail Notification is a process to inform you about the services of Valojobs.comthrough E-mail.

  • List of services of will appear, tick on your preference andclick Add or Update Preference button.

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